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Website Layouts Cookbook

An Illustrated Reference of Website Layouts for Web Designers

The web layouts on this site serve 2 purposes:
1) A visual reference of website layouts for the web designer.

As a reference for the designer, this website provides over 500 layouts to use in planning and designing websites.

Various elements such as buttons, sidepanels, or headers can be taken from the layouts and combined with each other to create new custom website layouts.

It is up to the website designer to decide what to place within the layouts. A circle can be a photo, text, or a gradient fill. The choice is up to the designer's imagination.

2) A visual reference of layouts for the client.As a reference for the client, this website provides a visual menu of layouts for the website that they are envisioning.

Having a catalog of possible layouts such as this will help eliminate the wasted time and confusion between the designer and the client. With the layouts in this book, the client is able to pick and choose the graphic elements in a web site that they are looking for.

The layouts on this website have location #'s for easy reference. As you search through the web layouts for design ideas, simply write down the location #'s of the layouts that appeal to your project the most.

If there is an element in a web layout that you like, such as an arrangement of buttons, a side panel, or a header, then simply note the location # for later reference.

After writing down the location #'s, you can then combine the elements to create your own custom web layout.

There are thousands of custom designed layouts waiting to be discovered with this approach. You can also copy the layouts exactly as is. The choice is up to you!

The location #'s are based on the following system:
(1st Letter) = First letter of the category. (ie. R = Rectangular)
(Number) = Page number of the category (ie. R09F = Page 9)
(2nd Letter) = The alphanumeric letter of the web layout on that page.


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